HEVES Laser Engraving Ink

Heves Laser Engraving Ink

Click Product for Price Laser Type Laser Power Materials (substrate) Marking Color
HEVES 7007$72.07 CO2 Laser 20 W or more Stainless steel and other metals Black
HEVES 7011$72.07 Aluminum an other metals Black
HEVES 7015$100.40 Chromium-plated and Nickel-plated Black
HEVES 7031$90.09 Stainless steel – steel Clear (deep)
HEVES 7034$107.21 Anodized aluminum Reddish
HEVES 7036$107.21 Anodized aluminum Green
HEVES 7040$103.28 CO2 + YAG:Nd CO2 Laser 20 W or more Ceramics, tiles, marble Colourless
HEVES 7041$103.28 Ceramics, tiles, marble Beige
HEVES 7042$114.24 Porcelain, ceramics, crystal, glass Blue
HEVES 7043$101.29 Porcelain, ceramics, crystal, glass Yellow
HEVES 8005$101.29 Aluminum and other metals Black
HEVES 8006$108.61 Visible Light Laser Diode 4000 mw or more Porcelain, ceramics, crystal, glass, plastics Green
HEVES 8007$108.61 Porcelain, ceramics, crystal, glass Black
HEVES 8009$108.61 Ceramics, porcelain, tiles, glass, crystal Copper Bronze
HEVES 8010$98.92 YAG:Nd Ceramics, marble, glass, acrylic Colorless
HEVES 8016$109.06 CO2 / YAG:Nd Pottery, Porcelain, Tiles, Glass and Crystal Copper
HEVES 8201$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd All these work for CO2 Laser 9 W or more They print on PLASTICS like:Polypropylene (PP), Polythene (PE) Polystyrene (PS), ABS, Acrylics,Polycarbonate,
Polyacetal and othersThey allow to obtain new colors by mixing one and other, immediately before use.
HEVES 8202$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd White
HEVES 8203$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd Yellow
HEVES 8204$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd Red
HEVES 8205$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd Light blue
HEVES 8206$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd All these work for Visible Light Laser Diode 500 mw or more Green
HEVES 8207$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd Blue
HEVES 8208$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd Light green
HEVES 8209$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd Brown
HEVES 9002$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd Bronze
HEVES 9004$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd Aluminium
HEVES 9006$108.45 CO2 / YAG:Nd Copper