Clipsshop Eyelets

Are eyelets & grommets all the same? People often ask me this question because pricing between suppliers can vary greatly. The short answer is no they are not. Lower cost eyelets are Brass coated not actual brass. So what does that mean? Simply that they will rust. Not only that, they will usually distort when pressed ruining your job and costing you money to reproduce your work. I have had many people buy a cheap press & eyelets, then contact me to buy my Clipsshop eyelets as they just don’t do what they are suppose to and cheaply made presses often break. The test is this. When you press your eyelet it should punch a nice clean hole into the banner, corflute,curtain material etc. Then the bottom of the eyelet should roll nicely into the washer. If your material is thicker than 3mm then you will need longneck grommets and eyelets. The end result is a good looking grommet pressed into the washer with no sharp edges. If your eyelets don’t perform like this then perhaps we need to discuss options for you.