Grommet Presses

ClipsShop CS-TIDY-41 Pneumatic Grommet Press

The ClipsShop CS-TIDY-41 is a portable pneumatic grommet attaching machine. Being portable offers a safe and efficient way to fasten self-piercing metal grommets to banners, tarpaulins, flags, truck covers, awnings, industrial fabrics, signs, posters and more.
It features a simple safety guard and a manual triggering device. It uses no electricity, and has a convenient collection drawer compatible with special CS-TIDY-41 self-cleaning grommet setting dies.
Upgrade your grommet press setting machine to the CS-TIDY-41 for more efficient and accurate grommeting while keeping your working place tidy.

price : $2,450.00

  • Extreme light weight. Mount to a bench or worktable,attach to a mobile cart, or use the built-in carrying handle to take on site or walk around large items. Even lighter than most hand presses.
  • Application-specific controls to best suit your needs. Use the built-in manual trigger mechanism, the top-mounted pneumatic button, or the pneumatic foot pedal version as appropriate for your specific project. Or, get them all and be prepared for any job. All controls can be set up for right-hand or left-hand operation.
  • Simple and safe. Designed with a built-in mechanical finger guard for CE/OSHA-compliant safety. No audible alarms, no electricity required. Powered by standard shop air, it has a dial for variable speed operation.
  • Keeps your working place TIDY. Special self-cleaning dies are available in popular sizes specific to the CS-TIDY-41. When used with those specific dies, the slugs are accumulated into the built –in drawer. No more hassles to clean the slugs.
  • Compatible with the ClipsShop EyeleD Pointer™ Accessory. New Generation LED version of the traditional Laser Pointers in order to show the operator the exact attaching point. (EyeleD Pointer accessory works with either battery or electricity)
  • Compatible with the ClipsShop GrommetSniper™. Accessory Alignment Fixture for consistent placement.
  • Suitable for applications on various materials. Vinyl, corrugated plastic, chipboard, other plastics, industrial textiles, fabric, poster board and many other substrates.
  • Interchangeable dies. Along with its special dies, ClipsShop self-piercing dies up to size #8.5 are compatible with the CS-TIDY-41 machine.
  • Heavy-duty, industrial machine. Durable Caterpillar Yellow powder coated finish. Lasts for years.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.