Fiber Metal Cutting Lasers

MWL Fiber Marking – Fiber Welder – Fiber cutter or Co2 Protection

Large size suitable to wear over your prescription glasses.
Rated for Fiber Marking, Fiber cutting, Fiber Welding or CO2

Product Material: PMMA + laser absorbent materials
Protection range 190nm to 420nm OD4+
Protection range 850nm to 1300nm OD6+
VLT 28%

Meet standards EN 207: 2009+AC:2017
Approved CE certificate

price : $110.00

Typical Laser Wavelengths 405nm, 980nm, 1064nm and 1070nm

Visibility Light Transmission (VLT) – Color and visibility of specific color ranges often are significantly affected by laser glasses and goggles. Think about sunglasses – when wearing sunglasses to block the sun, (often less expensive) sunglasses do an effective job of blocking the sun. However, everything is much more difficult to see because not a lot of light generally is coming through. Other times with (typically more expensive) sunglasses, the sun is blocked and everything else looks very similar to how it would without the glasses. The image below is a relative comparison of visual light transmission.