Specialty Laser Engravers

HSG HS-B1325

  • These tables are baked at 600℃ heat treatment then a further 24 hours cooling in the oven. They are then guaranteed to last 20+ years without the table twisting making this machine a viable long term investment.
  • Manufacturing includes the use of a high precision collimator for guide installation and debug testing with the accuracy of 0.01 mm tolerance. Precision up to 0.02 mm is guaranteed as a result of the absolute quality in manufacturing techniques.
  • Patent laser cutting bed extraction which can effectively eliminate 80% waste flue gas.
  • A unique ring extraction collector also sits around the laser head and follows the path of the machine. This extraction ring takes away heat and waste to greatly reduce the risk of fire and debris not being extracted away.
  • The motion control system offers smooth and fast transmission. The table is built solid with a weight of 1.2 tons.



  • Working Table: 1300*2500mm or 3000*2000mm
  • Laser power: 80/100/150/280/400/500 (W)
  • Tube options are: Reci, Synrad or Rofin
  • Weight: 1100 (kg)
  • Max.running speed: 25m/min
  • Machine body size: 3470*1892*11078 (mm)
  • Volume(m3): 8
  • Warranty: 2 years