About Us

Hello there. My name is Gary Chapman, the director and founder of Pulse Laser Systems. I started back in September 1992 supplying & supporting the Sign making industries within Australia and New Zealand. Through a culture of good support, innovated products and bringing to market new technologies ahead of our competitors, we very quickly grew into other industries. Some of these industries are Fabrication & Engineering, Education, Mining, Medical, Engraving & Graphics.

My team and I care about 1 thing and that is our client. All other considerations are secondary. I am a qualified electronics technician, as well as holding certifications from several laser manufacturers for laser accreditation. We are partnered with suppliers who are partnered with Synrad, iRadion (ceramic core) Coherent, SPI, IPG to name just a few. I employ by way of contract 2 other skilled technical people amongst my team and we are all dedicated to supporting our clients. Wayne has been servicing high powered laser systems since 1995 and is one of the best in the industry. Myself and my team are highly skilled professionals with many years of experience between all of us and we are factory trained to ensure you get the very best support for your investment possible.

Over the years I have dealt with all levels of Government, Department of defence, Education, Police and Special services. I has worked with some of the largest companies as well as our smaller and, as important, mums and dads who run from home, and everything in between.

We provide equipment, service, training and real support to all Australians and businesses throughout Oceania. Our network of trusted dealers provide local service and support backed by our national company. We consider it an honour to be the chosen supplier of choice for our clients.

Our mission is simple.

To make technology a valued asset for your business, not a headache. Technology should have a human feel to it, be simple and logical to use and enhance the efficiency and productivity within your workplace. That is always our ultimate goal.

People know me as easy going and friendly. If you would like to chat about anything I am always happy to take your call or call over and have a coffee. It costs nothing to talk and I have helped thousands of people over the years make decisions for their business, even when its not my equipment they needed to purchase. I am happy to help and happy to chat anytime. Just call….

Warmest of regards to you all.

Gary Chapman
(Managing Director)
1800 077 888