S&A Laser Chillers - Genuine Product

CW 3000 Industrial Chiller Genuine

  • Comprehensive international style radiator type cooling system.
  • Small thermolysis water cooler.
  • With completed water flow and over high temperature alarm functions
  • Enclosed water tanks
  • Professional forced air – cooled radiator.
  • Equipped with alarm output port.
  • Multiple power specifications, CE approval & RoHS approval.

price : Original price was: $899.00.Current price is: $450.00.


  • CW-3000 laser water chiller is suitable for 80w Glass Laser Tubes.
  • Provide stable working conditions for laser engraving machines.
  • Water can be used for a long time.
  • High heat dissipating capacity and not easy to be blocked.
  • Alarm output port can quickly protect sensitive components.


  • Specific disconnection alarm securing protection.
  • High cost performance & low failure rate.
  • Cool Capacity is 50W /℃.
  • Forces circulation, 9L cooling tank capacity.
  • It can extend the using life of laser tube and ensure the engraving effect better.