Co2 Laser extraction systems

EnvironAir E450R Commercial Air Purifier

Environ Air™ manufactures a range of state-of-the-art air purifiers and air filtration systems for commercial environments. Systems are available for chemical and solvent removal; fine dust removal uitilising high efficiency HEPA filters. All Environ Air purifiers are proudly manufactured in Australia to the highest standards and include a 3 year parts and labour warranty.
The E450R Series allows you to extract from medium laser cabinets. The USA high performance fan offers high performance Positive extraction. This is idea for smaller spigots of say 40mm and it doubles the life of your filter. Its the only choice as far as I am concerned. We supply 2 x custom Spigots to suit your requirements built into the machine. 40/100mm ducting is recommended for connection to the laser. Alternatively they are able to be freestanding or ducted to equipment-with attachments available in any size. Designed to keep up with your changing needs, the E450R series has an outstanding choice of filter options and a modular system design, so you can easily add extra chemical or dust filters as you require.
Owners of true solvent wide format printers as well as Laser Engravers can significantly reduce airborne solvents during and after the printing/lasering process and improve air quality by employing an Environ Air™ purification system. The key features of Environ Air™ are flexibility and expandability. Modular design allows the number and type of filters (chemical or dust) to be changed or upgraded as the users’ needs change, for example if a larger printer is purchased requiring additional filtration, another chemical filter can simply be added to the system. This overcomes the costly process of upgrading to an entirely new unit. Engineered and manufactured in Australia utilising the highest quality components, Environ Air™ systems are also competitively priced.

  • High capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Portable
  • Expandable

price : $3,850.00

E300 E300B E400B E600
ADVANCED FILTRATION OPTIONS Select from either high capacity chemical adsorption filter or High Efficiency Particle Arrestance (HEPA) filter.
SUPERIOR PRE-FILTRATION NA Fine Dust Panel Filter 345mm H x 385mm W x 90mm D. Standard filter MERV 7 efficiency (optional higher efficiency MERV 8 &11)
CHEMICAL FILTRATION Chemical filter contains 14 kilograms of coal based, virgin-grade activated carbon.
HEPA FILTER Certified efficiency of 99.97% @ 0.3 microns+
AIRFLOW Airflow 885m3 per hour from high performance, thermally protected, energy efficient German-manufactured motor designed for continuous operation. Airflow 1200m3 per hour from high performance, thermally protected, energy efficient German-manufactured motor designed for continuous operation.
AIR INTAKE Near floor level perforated steel intake for highest solvent capture. Intake can be ducted directly to equipment; 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm standard duct attachments and custom sizes available.
AIR DISCHARGE Clean air is discharged at top of unit on the opposite side to intake, preventing filtered air recycling. Optional 200mm duct attachment allows clean air to be ducted to any location inside or outside the room.
MODULAR DESIGN Stainless steel latching system allows for filter housings to be added or upgraded in addition to ease of transportation.
CONSTRUCTION Durable 20 Gauge baked enamel finish, bearing mounted rollers with locking brake.
EXPANDABLE Add an additional 14 kilogram chemical or HEPA filter with filter module accessory. N/A
WARRANTY 3 years parts and labour*
DIMENSIONS 892mm H x 440mm W x 390mm D (fully assembled) 1112mm H x 440mm W x 390mm D (fully assembled) 1592mm H x 440mm W x 390mm D (fully assembled)
WEIGHT 32.0 Kg (including 14Kg chemical filter). 32.0 kilograms (including 14kg chemical filter) 38.0 kilograms (including 14kg chemical filter) 59.5 kilograms (including 14kg chemical filter)
POWER SUPPLY Single phase 240V, 50Hz, .38A, 85W. Single phase 240V, 50Hz, .60A, 135W

*Excludes filters and consumables.
+14kg chemical filter included, HEPA filter optional.
+ Technical and other specifications subject to change without notice.