HARSLE press brakes

Harsle Press Brakes

HARSLE CNC Press Brake Machines

A Press Brake Machine is a crucial mechanical device in metal fabrication, bending and forming metal sheets with precision and efficiency. HARSLE, a leading CNC press brake manufacturer, offers a range of options to cater to diverse industry needs.

Types of Press Brake Machines:

  1. Genius Type:
    • Features: Top-level machine with 2D program function.
    • Backgauge System: 4-axis or 6-axis.
    • Controllers: Options include DA-69T and DA-66T.
  2. Smart Type:
    • Features: Equipped with DELEM Controllers like DA-58T and DA-53T.
    • Backgauge System: 2-axis or 1-axis.
  3. Econom Type:
    • Type: Torsion-bar NC Press Brake Machine.
    • Features: Economic option, ideal for startups.


Professional Customization:

  • HARSLE engineers can design various press brake tooling’s tailored to specific job requirements.
  • Different press brake models are available for sale, ensuring a suitable option for every customer.

Benefits of HARSLE Press Brake Machines:

  • Hydraulic control system for precise bending.
  • Adjustable for different shapes, lengths, and thicknesses of metal sheets.
  • Enhanced efficiency in metal fabrication processes.
  • Options for varying complexity levels, suitable for different industries.
  • Years of expertise and a commitment to manufacturing high-quality machines.

How to Get a Quote:

  • Contact Pulse Laser Systems for immediate quotes and detailed pricing information.
  • Pulse Laser Systems is an authorized distributor for these HARSLE press brake machines.