Specialty Laser Engravers

HSG 1300 x 900 Laser Engraver

HSG lasers are fitted with Industry Leader RECI reliable glass tubes. However we can fit them out with USA metal tube technology like Synrad or Rofin if you require. Glass tube are ideal for cutting thick materials like acrylic and timber and you can get a high powered machine at a relatively low cost. The engraving on a glass tube is slower than a metal tube and not as precise. So your application will determine what technology you need to purchase. For this size machine we can offer power up to 150W. We can customize our HSG product to pretty much any configuration so call 1800 077 888 and speak to our team on a solution that best suits your needs. Our lasers start at AUD$7,995 ex gst and we do have traded in equipment available.



  • Large working area
  • Working Area(mm): 1300×900×210
  • Laser Tube: Choice of Reci Glass or USA Synrad Metal Tube
  • Power: 80W / 130W / 150W and 260W
  • Z up and down: Rotary unit available
  • Function: Engraving/Cutting
  • Workpiece maximum weight (kg): 25
  • Cutting speed (m/min): 36
  • Resolution ratio: 4000dpi
  • Pass Through Front and Back
  • Machine Size: 2020*1780*1100 (mm)
  • Net weight (kg): 260
  • Warranty: 12 months standard
  • Non expiring warranty available – ask for details.