MIRA Desktop Series

AEON MIRA 7 Laser Engraver/Cutter

Technically & Beautifully Designed

When you need a premium machine but have limited space then you need a Mira 7. Offering a larger work table and deeper Z depth than Mira for clients who need a little more space. It is full functionality, sleek design and a sensible price its the worlds most desirable desktop laser engraving machine.

Working area: 700*450mm


Specification for MIRA Plus

Working Area:
Machine Size:
Laser Tube:
CO2 Glass Laser Tube/RF Metal Tube
Motorised Up & Down:
150mm Z Depth
Machine Net Weight:
Machine Packing Weight:
Packing Size:
Input Voltage:
220V AC Single Phase
Rated Power:
Engraving Speed:
Cutting Speed:
Laser Optical Control:
1-100% Set by software
Minimum Engraving Size:
Minimum Font Size 1.0mm*1.0mm
Max Scanning Precision:
Locating Precision:
Cutting Thickness:
0-10mm(depends on different materials )
Engraving Software:
RDworks/Aeon ProSMART Software
Graphic Format Supported:
Compatible Software:
CorelDraw/Photoshop/AutoCAD/Lightburn Software
Honey comb + Blade
Red Dot Positioning:
Combiner Type
4 Axis Linkage Rotary Device:
Built-in WIFI:
Auto Focus:
3 year+ parts and labour warranty included:
Non expiring warranty available.

Clean Pack Design

Typical problems with laser machines are often caused by dust, smoke and dirt particles getting into your motion control system, damaging your guide rails and bearings. AEON Clean Pack technology is designed to protect your mechanic parts, giving you consistently high engraving results, ability to work at high speed without quality loss and prolonged component life.

All in One Design

All laser engraving machines need extraction, tube temperature control, air compression. The new MIRA Plus smart design has all of these built into the unit. So no external devices are seen. Simplicity and smart thinking.

Only AEON offers this smart concept and design worldwide.

Lightburn Software

Lightburn software is user very friendly and it has industry required features and functions. It supports most file formats as using in graphics programs and output directly from CorelDraw, Illustrator and AutoCAD.

Lets Talk Communication

The new MIRA 7 is build on a high-speed multi communication system. You can connect to your computer by Wi-Fi, USB cable, LAN network cable and transfer your data by USB Flash disk. Mira 7 has a 256 MB memory buffer, a user friendly color screen control panel. Clever offline remembrance technology allows you to continue where you left off if the power goes out, saving you time, material and money.

Smart Table Concept

Depending on your material you will have to use different working heights, especially when using a rotary device. The new MIRA series has Honeycomb table as standard -not optional. It has a rise and fall of up to 100mm and has an automatic focus function to control table height. With the opening front door open you can work with larger pieces of material giving maximum efficiency for a desktop laser.

Faster Than Others

When it comes to engraving speed the new MIRA Plus delivers. Mira Plus uses high speed digital step motors, Taiwanese made linear guides, Japanese bearings delivering a maximum speed of up to 1200mm per second with 5G acceleration. Speed and quality without quality compromise. Previously unheard of in a desktop laser.

Strong and Modern Body

MIRA Plus was designed by Almira LABS from Istanbul , Turkey. It was built on 15 years design experience, customer feedback and smart thinking. Integrated recessed LED Lights on both sides fully illuminate the cabinet. Being recessed and covered provides ease of keeping your cabinet clean. Optional Factory stand available.