Bill Traeger. Traeger Built Customs

Traeger Built Customs purchased the 1.5kw Pulse Laser Systems Laser welder in mid January. We have been running the machine for 4 Months now and this has given us the chance to really put the machine through it pases. We have run it on Aluminium up to 4mm, Mild steel up to 3mm and Stainless Steel up to 2.5mm. This machine is truly impressive in its welding speed, quality of weld and strength of the weld. We have gone as thin as .9mm Stainless butt welds and as thick as 4mm Aluminium fillet welds. It is extremely easy to use with training of a Labourer who hasn’t welded before, only taking 1 hour and producing quality welds. I would recommend this machine to any shop trying to increase their efficiencies in welding of materials up to 3 – 4 mm in thickness.


Bill Traeger

Traeger Built PL trading as Tintinara Engineering