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To whom it may concern:

My wife and I had recently purchased Trophy Specialists back in 2015 and the old 24TT that came in on the Arc was ready to be retired.

I went to a trade show in Melbourne in 2016 looking for a Laser supplier and this is where I met Gary. I also met a lot of other suppliers however Gary seemed to be the most helpful at the time. As first impressions go he was doing alright. We had a chat about my requirements and he pointed me to a few different options and then I said I would be in touch.

He made contact with me about a week later as any good sales person would do. I said that it would be about 6 months before we would buy and about 2 weeks later the reliable 24TT packed in another stepper motor.

I rang Gary and explained the situation. I think about 3 weeks later a brand new laser turned up and the next day Gary was on my door step with his Tech guy ready to install.

I have since purchased another laser off Gary and plan to buy more if the industry will allow me to do so.

All I have to say about Gary is that when I need help he picks up the phone – even if he is in another country. He is a book of knowledge and is always willing to help, he is not a bad guy either.

Products will sell themselves if they are high quality and a great price, but the thing that makes a products better is the relationships you have and Gary will be a part of our business for as long as he will let me keep annoying him.

Thanks for your time in reading this.

Edward Griffith

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