Yongli Laser Tubes

YONGLI 100W CO2 Laser Tube

Introducing the Yongli A4s CO2 Laser Tube – Your Ultimate Cutting Solution!

Our A4s laser tube, crafted with precision and powered by German Schott Discharge tube technology, guarantees exceptional performance and longevity. With advanced Islands Structural (Gold) Coating Technology, the A4s model boasts enhanced Catalytic Ability, significantly expanding the laser tube’s lifespan.

price : $995.00

Key Features:

  • Outstanding Quality: Manufactured with globally top-notch raw materials, including lenses and mirrors from US II-VI Infrared, ensuring excellent output power and stability.
  • Reliable Performance: The A4s laser tube’s robust design and Chemical Discharge Coating method ensure consistent and reliable laser processing over extended periods.
  • High Efficiency: Perfect for laser cutting and occasional engraving tasks, offering remarkable speed and precision.
  • Cost-Effective Choice: Balancing top-notch performance with cost efficiency, the A4s series offers unparalleled value for your investment.

Cutting Performance Reference Table:

Materials Thickness Fastest Speed Suggested Speed
Acrylic 3 mm 35 mm/s 30 mm/s
Die-board 15 mm 4 mm/s 3 mm/s
MDF 3 mm 25 mm/s 20 mm/s
Leather Single Layer 40 mm/s 35 mm/s
Wood 3 mm 30 mm/s 28 mm/s
Fabric Single Layer 300 mm/s 295 mm/s
PVC 2 mm 80 mm/s 78 mm/s
Dual-color Board 2 mm 45 mm/s 40 mm/s
Paper Single Layer 350 mm/s 40 mm/s
Artificial Rubber 4 mm+1 mm 40 mm/s 38 mm/s

Cutting Tips:

  • Ensure proper airflow control for acrylic to avoid burnings.
  • Use focal lens with over 100mm focal length for precise Die-board cutting.
  • Adjust airflow for MDF, leather, fabric, and wood based on cutting speed.
  • Control output power between 50%-70% for PVC and dual-color board cutting.
  • Oxygen support is needed for steel cutting; air pressure: 0.8 MPa.