Yongli Laser Tubes

YONGLI 130W Laser Tube

Introducing the Yongli A6s CO2 Laser Tube – Unmatched Performance and Reliability!

Our A6s laser tube is engineered with cutting-edge technology, featuring a unique Flange design on cathode and anode ends along with advanced resonator coating techniques. This design ensures superior beam quality and output stability, making it the top choice for long-term usage.

price : $1,650.00

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Quality: Adopting the latest Island Structural Coating Techniques and German Schott glass materials for enhanced catalytic ability and extended working lifespan.
  • Top-Notch Performance: A6s CO2 glass laser tubes lead the market in output power, stability, and working life.
  • Dust-Proof Design: Equipped with a dust-proof device to prevent lens pollution, ideal for challenging working environments.

Cutting Performance Reference Table:

Materials Thickness Fastest Speed Suggested Speed
Acrylic 3 mm 40 mm/s 35 mm/s
Die-board 15 mm 6 mm/s 4.5 mm/s
MDF 3 mm 30 mm/s 25 mm/s
Leather Single Layer 45 mm/s 40 mm/s
Wood 3 mm 35 mm/s 33 mm/s
Fabric Single Layer 400 mm/s 395 mm/s
PVC 2 mm 90 mm/s 88 mm/s
Steel 2 mm 8 mm/s 6 mm/s
Stainless Steel 0.5 mm 50 mm/s 40 mm/s
Dual-color Board 2 mm 55 mm/s 50 mm/s
Paper Single Layer 450 mm/s 40 mm/s
Artificial Rubber 4 mm+1 mm 45 mm/s 43 mm/s

Cutting Tips:

  • For acrylic cutting, control airflow and ensure even distribution to avoid burnings.
  • Use a focal lens with over 100mm focal length for precise die-board cutting.
  • Adjust airflow based on cutting speed for MDF, leather, fabric, and wood.
  • Control output power between 50%-70% for PVC and dual-color board cutting.
  • Steel cutting requires Oxygen support; maintain air pressure at 0.8 MPa.
  • For paper cutting, opt for low laser power and fast speed, adjusting based on machine compatibility.