Yongli Laser Tubes

YONGLI 90W CO2 Laser Tube

Elevate your cutting precision with Yongli A2s CO2 Laser Tube!

Experience exceptional engraving and cutting capabilities with our top-tier A2s CO2 laser tube. Crafted from globally sourced high-quality materials, it guarantees outstanding output power and stability. The FLANGE design at the cathode end ensures superior beam quality, enhancing engraving precision.

price : $895.00

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality: Manufactured with the best materials, the A2s laser tube outperforms standard engraving tubes, ensuring longevity and stability.
  • Optimized Beam Quality: FLANGE design allows for optimal beam quality, providing superior engraving results.
  • Cost-Effective: Strike a balance between performance and affordability with our A2s series, delivering exceptional value for your investment.

Cutting Performance Reference Table:

Materials Thickness Fastest Speed Suggested Speed
Acrylic 3 mm 30 mm/s 25 mm/s
Die-board 15 mm 4 mm/s 3 mm/s
MDF 3 mm 23 mm/s 18 mm/s
Leather Single Layer 30 mm/s 25 mm/s
Wood 3 mm 25 mm/s 22 mm/s
Fabric Single Layer 200 mm/s 195 mm/s
PVC 2 mm 70 mm/s 68 mm/s
Dual-color Board 2 mm 40 mm/s 35 mm/s
Paper Single Layer 250 mm/s 40 mm/s
Artificial Rubber 4 mm+1 mm 30 mm/s 27 mm/s

Cutting Tips:

  • Proper airflow control is essential for acrylic to avoid burnings.
  • Utilize a focal lens with over 100mm focal length for precise Die-board cutting.
  • Adjust airflow for MDF, leather, fabric, and wood based on cutting speed.
  • Control output power between 50%-70% for PVC and dual-color board cutting.
  • Oxygen support is needed for steel cutting; air pressure: 0.8 MPa.
  • For paper cutting, opt for low laser power and fast speed.